Tuesday January 17 , 2017
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Two weeks after I received my discount card, I had a dental emergency. I was able to find a dental provider near our offices. The emergency that I experienced required that I have one tooth capped and another one filled. The discount card saved me $200.00.
Wood S. from CA

My glasses normally cost me $385.00 a pair. They are executive size, hinged frame, scratch resistant plastic lens bifocals. With my discount card, the exact same pair of glasses cost me $150.00. A $235 savings!
Robert R. from CA

I was prescribed Clomiphene Citrate, which isn't covered by my insurance. I went to my local CVS pharmacist, who told me the retail price would be $162.00. I did a search online with my discount card and found a pharmacy two doors down selling it for $72.00.
Raul L. from FL

I used the Roadside Assistance benefit about a year ago. I got into an accident and could not drive my car home. I called Roadside Assistance and they were so nice. The representative was extremely patient with me as I was shaken up by the accident. They picked my car up in 30 minutes and delivered it to my house. It didn’t cost me anything! It really was a wonderful experience, not only did they pick my car up in record time, but they also worked hard to save me money.
Jessica G. from MO

Why eat for full price when you can eat for half? I have found some great restaurants that I will frequent again and again because they were so good! Thank you so much for my access card!
Aleta S. from UT

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Nothing Makes You Feel Better Than Saving Money

Now you can offset the high cost of health care, eyeglasses/contacts, dental work, prescriptions, keeping your family on sound financial footing. These discount benefits are not insurance. They are easy to use, require no paperwork, and available to you right now at the providers you currently use right in your neighborhood.

All of these discount benefits are available to you right now on one convenient card - your Bonus Card
This is a discount program offering significant savings of hundreds of dollars or more for you and your family from thousands of providers across the nation.

Your membership is easy to use.
Begin saving money as soon as you receive your membership packet with your card. It's quick and easy to locate a participating provider in your area using the toll-free numbers listed on the back of your card.

We GUARANTEE you will be 100% satisfied.
If you're not, you have 30 days to contact us and your money will be cheerfully refunded.

How It Works

How It Works

The Bonus Card offers premier discount benefits at affordable prices. Our programs are designed for:

  • individuals
  • part-time, temporary, contract, or seasonal employees
  • employers who are trying to reduce the costs of offering medical insurance
  • uninsured individuals of which there are currently 43 million in the United States

Our programs were designed with many different types of situations in mind - from individuals who already have an insurance plan to those with no existing coverage. Members may select the benefits which match their individual or family needs!

Not available in VT and WA. Packages A and B not available in KS or UT

Package A

$9.95 per member per month or $110/year

  • Dental (Aetna Dental Access®)
  • Pharmacy - Retail and Mail Order (NB)
  • Teladoc With No Consultation Fee (Subject to Availability)
  • Vision (Coast to Coast)
Package B

$14.95 per member per month or $160/year

  • Dental (Aetna Dental Access®)
  • Durable Medical Supplies* (Allegro)
  • Hearing Aids* (Beltone/TruHearing/Lloyds)
  • Pharmacy - Retail and Mail Order (NB)
  • Teladoc- With No Consultation Fee (Subject to Availability)
  • Travel Assist (Medex – Subject to Availability)
  • Vision (Coast to Coast)
Package C

$9.99 per member per month or $110.99/year

  • Legal Care Direct (Legal Club of America)
  • LifeLock – Individual
  • Pet Care Savings (Pet Assure)
  • Roadside Assistance
This is not insurance nor is it intended to replace insurance. This discount card program contains a 30 day cancellation period. view a full list of disclosures. closepackages.jpg

Full Disclosure